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Data Nerds Take On the Shop Floor

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By Russ Waddell, MTConnect Product Manager, AMT

The nerds are having their revenge. Data Nerds, that is. For consumers, they’ve developed powerful recommendation algorithms for music and movies. For sports, they’ve ushered in a new age of armchair analytics and amateur statisticians.

Manufacturing has always harbored Data Nerds, and technology like the MTConnect standard is helping them thrive in modern, high-production facilities and boutique workshops alike. Careful measurement and data-driven decision making have always been hallmarks of an industry collectively dedicated to productivity and process improvement. By streamlining data from proprietary machines into a standard structure and taxonomy, MTConnect is an enabler of better measurement, better decision making, and ultimately better manufacturing.

The latest release of the MTConnect standard, Version 1.3, gives Data Nerds more data items to work with, streamlines implementation, and introduces the tools for communication between dissimilar devices. With each subsequent release, the back-end dirty work of mining machine data, organizing it, and prepping it for analysis gets a little bit easier. That leaves Data Nerds more time to come up with the analysis and algorithms that will drive the future of manufacturing.

Want to know more or get started developing with the standard? Visit MTConnect.org, or join us in Chicago, April 28-30, 2015, for the [MC]2 Conference.

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