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Better People, Stronger Company

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Good employees are the foundation of amazing companies.

This seemingly simple point, made by Andrew Berlin, Chairman and CEO of Berlin Packaging, is an important fact that should guide business leaders in all manufacturing sectors.

While chatting with IMTSTV, Berlin argued that the only way to build an amazing company is with an amazing team. Strong and capable employees can help companies increase their net promoter score, an industry metric that measures customer loyalty and the feelings companies generate in their marketplace. There is a strong correlation between this score and net earnings and market sustainability, Berlin explained.

Berlin cited his own experience when he joined the company he now heads as an example of how important it is to build a strong team of employees. While he initially focused on generating a list of ideas to improve the company, he quickly realized that a list of great ideas does not translate into a better company.

People are the secret ingredient, Berlin explained. They can lift ideas off the paper and breathe life into them. They can execute those ideas well, and they can drive income. The best companies are the ones who know how to recruit, train and retain the best employees, he concluded.

Beyond recruiting and retaining the most qualified employees, leaders should focus on clearly defining a company mission. For Berlin Packaging, that is “Greater, Faster.” The company focuses on serving their diverse customer base by ensuring that they understand how each customer defines the terms greater and faster, and how they can help them meet their individual goals.

To learn more about Andrew Berlin and “Greater, Faster,” visit andrewberlin.com. For more information about exciting developments in the manufacturing industry, plan to attend the Global Forecasting and Marketing Conference on October 19-21, 2016, in Miami, Florida.

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