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American Manufacturing — a Compelling Reality TV Series

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Owner of an elite aerospace CNC machine shop, Titan Gilroy is also the executive producer and star of the riveting television series, TITAN American Built, a show engaging a new generation of machinists, inventors and builders.

Titan inspired an audience of manufacturing leaders at The MFG Meeting 2016 in Palm Desert, Calif. and sat down with IMTSTV to discuss how he is bringing manufacturing to the spotlight.

Why is the owner of an elite aerospace CNC machine shop producing a television series about manufacturing? Titan explains in this video that he wants to spotlight the thrill of manufacturing, close the skilled workforce gap, and highlight the contribution of manufacturers’ products to exhilarating projects like rockets, race cars, and submarines.

Titan put together an American machining company and achieved the American Dream, but when the economy collapsed in 2008-09, he saw companies go out of business and almost lost his. The downturn inspired him to demonstrate one of America’s greatest assets, advanced manufacturing.

In his show he visits shops where “real-life” CNC programmers design and machine incredible parts for the cutting-edge helicopters, race cars, and submarines. Titan hopes the show inspires students to pursue careers as CNC programmers and encourages viewers to buy American.

As a CNC programmer, he describes the drive and thrill of operating a $200,000 machine. “It’s the same excitement a race car driver or rocket pilot experiences. Pushing metal through it, aiming for precision, and knowing one mistake could cost $20,000 damage,” says Titan.

Titan is motivated to bring competitiveness back to the American manufacturer through a skilled workforce. He would like schools to train students to design aggressively to become machine experts and take pride in every cut, tool and product—providing value to the customer, company and in turn themselves.

For more information, visit www.Titanamericanbuilt.com.

Look for Titan Gilroy at IMTS 2016.

Save the date for The MFG Meeting 2017, March 22-25, 2017, Omni Amelia Island Plantation, Amelia Island, Florida.

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