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Around Chicago: Cruise Below the Skyline

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Slow down and look up. Take the time to really soak in the Chicago sights aboard one of Chicago’s First Lady Cruises.

The IMTSTV team took a cruise to see what’s new on the famous river.

Chicago's First Lady Cruises lets visitors explore the city’s riverfront and offers an amazing view of the iconic skyline.

Accommodating groups ranging from 2 to 250, Chicago's First Lady Cruises offers the city’s finest fleet of cruising vessels. The boats can be booked for private corporate events, chartered tours and much more. Public tours are available on a regular schedule and depart from Riverside Gardens on Chicago’s Riverwalk at Michigan Avenue and Wacker Drive.

One of the highlights of the tour is the view of Riverwalk, a dining and entertainment center that was completed since the last IMTS. The area offers easy access to the river, as well as a plethora of new restaurants.

Of course, the star of any Chicago cruise is the city’s unforgettable skyline. Take in all the famous architecture from a unique vantage point on the river. The architecture river cruises are led by a highly trained, volunteer docent that guides visitors along the Chicago River.

For more information about things to do and see in Chicago, visit IMTS.com/Chicago.

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