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Using Social Media to Solve Communication Challenges

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Social media tools are not just for marketing anymore. These tools have the potential to solve some of the biggest communication challenges that businesses face today—making them economically invaluable.

This and many other insights into the changing face of communication were provided by David Nelson, President of Dialog Consulting Group.

Following his presentation at the Global Forecasting and Marketing Conference (GFMC), Nelson joined IMTSTV to talk about the evolution of communication tools and how savvy businesses are using them to solve conventional challenges.

Nelson first highlighted the two primary applications for social media: external marketing and employee collaboration. While both of these uses are important, studies show that much of the economic value of social media comes from using it to improve employee collaboration, he explained. Unfortunately, many companies overlook this important opportunity.

Using social media for employee collaboration can help companies avoid the pitfalls of email, Nelson said. He pointed out that employees now spend more than 40 percent of their time working on email—making it an unproductive tool. Millennials are poised to change this as they embrace not only social media but also the use of group texting tools and chat apps that were designed specifically for the workplace. Nelson recommended that companies experiment with these tools and attempt to move away from an email-centric workplace to improve efficiency.

Nelson also recommended that companies revamp their online strategies to better fit the evolving marketplace. Just having a Facebook presence is no longer enough, he said. Companies need to optimize their use of Facebook by using the part of the site that requires payment, or they need to use other tools. Nelson noted that there are now an array of tools available that allow for idea exchanges. These tools give customers the opportunity to make suggestions to companies and give other users the chance to vote on these suggestions, allowing the best ideas to rise to the top.

Finally, Nelson emphasized how underutilized LinkedIn is among business professionals. Beyond the basic personal profile, professionals should be using the advanced functions in LinkedIn to search for industry contacts, as well as to recruit new talent.

While he provided many different suggestions, Nelson noted that the most important step companies can take is to carefully review their use of social media tools to reduce communication challenges. Optimizing the use of social media could change the way businesses communicate—and perform.

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