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Do Over: Rescue Monday, Reinvent Your Work, and Never Get Stuck by Jon Acuff

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Feeling Stuck in Your Career? How and Why You Need to Call a Do Over

Hate Mondays? Well, you’re definitely not alone. With a quick Google search you can find an endless amount of “I hate Mondays” jokes, memes, t-shirts, articles, and even support groups. Yes, the beginning of the long work week gets a lot heat—but what if it didn’t have to? What if you could simply yell “Do over!” like you used to when you were a kid?

This is what New York Times bestselling author Jon Acuff explores in his latest business book, Do Over: Rescue Monday, Reinvent Your Work, and Never Get Stuck.

“Work is not the enemy,” Acuff explains. “Work does not have to be a miserable bar-free prison we voluntarily serve time in until the parole of retirement. On the contrary, work can be great. Work can be wonderful.”

Curious to find out how? Here’s how Do Over sets the stage for taking better control of your career:

  • Facing Four Major Career Transitions

    There are four major transitions that could happen in the course of anyone’s career. Acuff outlines these as:

    • A career ceiling: This is when you hit the point of no return in your current career. Your options are to A) Get a job at another company, B) Do a job you don’t want to do (if you’re a creative, this would mean moving into a managerial role you have no interest in), or C) Suck it up, die a little inside, and go through the motions until retirement.
    • A career jump: This is when you receive an outside job offer from a recruiter or get a promotion at work.
    • A career bump: These occur when something unexpected happens—like you didn’t get the promotion you were promised, the company decides to move to Austin or you get laid off.
    • A surprise career opportunity: This is similar to the career jump, but a bit more unstable. Examples of this can include learning that the company you own is being considered for a buyout or getting offered your dream role at a struggling startup.

    These circumstances can happen at any point in time, but Acuff says if you want to successfully navigate any of them (or strive to achieve them) you need to start investing in your career.

  • Building your Career Savings Account

    Acuff sets up a formula that will enable you to navigate any of the above major career transitions. This formula adds up to your Career Savings Account—the more you put in this bank, the better. The four aspects that build up this account include:

    1. Relationships = “Who you know.”
    2. Skills = “What you do.”
    3. Character = “Who you are.”
    4. Hustle = “How you work.”

    Overall, this book walks you through how to build an invaluable Career Savings Account and shows you how to spend that savings account on the career you’ve always wanted. And as Acuff states, “The good news is, it’s never too late to declare a Do Over.”

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