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Hands-On Education For Cutting-Edge Careers

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School is in – and it is hands on.

As more companies focus on recruiting qualified candidates for manufacturing technology positions, specialized education programs are becoming increasingly popular. These programs provide students with hands-on education for cutting-edge careers in manufacturing.

One such school is Lincoln Tech, which has campuses in 15 states and offers programs ranging from automotive to allied health. The National Director of Program Development for Lincoln Tech, Lou Vandrell, joined IMTSTV to talk about how the school’s programs prepare students for the modern workforce.

Vandrell, who started his own career as a student at Lincoln Tech, worked in industry for several years before becoming an instructor. His successful teaching career led to the corporate office, where he now oversees more than 8,000 students in 17 different programs. For Vandrell, the moment when a student’s eyes light up as they begin to understand a complicated concept is still the biggest reward of his job.

Students at Lincoln Tech first learn about the industry they are interested in becoming a part of—from what they should expect to safety terminology. After some basic introductory material, students move directly to hands-on experiences, working on the same equipment they will eventually use professionally. In fact, some of the classes are run like a work environment, with students punching in and out and wearing uniforms. This unique approach to education is preparing students for rewarding jobs and providing employers with qualified workers.

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