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Five Seconds For Success

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You have five seconds. Five seconds to call that customer, introduce yourself to that prospect, or set up a meeting with that challenging employee. Whenever you have an impulse, you have five seconds to act or the natural inclination to hesitate will take over, explained best-selling author, TV personality and human behavior specialist Mel Robbins.

Following her empowering closing keynote at The MFG Meeting, Robbins sat down with IMTSTV to chat about what motivates – and hinders – business leaders.

Robbins’ most significant takeaway message centers on what she calls the “5 second rule.” While this rule has nothing to do with picking food up off the floor, it does tap into the same instinct to act quickly. Robbins explained that from the time you have an impulse – whether it’s calling a customer or addressing employee behavior – you have mere seconds to act before the hesitation habit takes over. She argued that business owners who “go to war against hesitation,” reap major rewards. By using the “5 second rule,” leaders will be more likely to achieve growth and encourage innovation. Exercising this rule will also help leaders develop confidence.

Robbins explained that the “5 second rule” is not meant to encourage impulsivity. For instance, some decisions will require careful analysis and study. However, after this data is gathered and processed, leaders need to quickly make a decision, and avoid the tendency to hesitate. Rather than encourage impulsive decision making, the rule helps make leaders hyper intentional, she concluded.

Robbins is extremely active on social media and encourages business leaders who are interested in learning more about the “5 second rule,” or any of her other approaches to self empowerment and success, to contact her through her website or on twitter.

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