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Doing Your Best When It Matters Most

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Are you under pressure? Are you worried about performing your best? Learn how to do your best when it matters most from JP Pawliw-Fry, the president and co-founder of the Institute for Health and Human Potential (IHHP).

IHHP is a global research and learning company that specializes in helping organizations and leaders leverage the science of emotional intelligence to perform under pressure. Following his enlightening presentation at the MFG Meeting, Pawliw-Fry joined IMTSTV to talk about pressure and performance.

No one actually performs better under pressure, Pawliw-Fry noted. Using Michael Jordan as an example, he explained that everyone’s performance is diminished by pressure. However, most successful people, including Jordan, recover quicker from their mistakes and are willing to try again. All games—from basketball to business—are psychological in nature and are largely won or lost inside the player’s minds, he argued.

Pawliw-Fry also explained the significant difference between a crisis and a challenge. Humans have the ability to choose whether a difficult situation is viewed as something that is bad (a crisis) or something that is exciting (a challenge). Too many people miss making this choice. Pawliw-Fry suggests utilizing targeted exercises to begin to see difficulties as challenges and face them with a sense of excitement.

For more information on performing under pressure, or to order the best-selling book on the subject co-authored by Pawliw-Fry, visit ihhp.com.

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