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Moving the Family Business Forward

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Cassie Haupers isn’t living the American Dream — she earns it every day, discovering new ways to improve the family business, Swiss Precision Machining (SPM).

Cassie shared her story on the MakingChips podcast, and IMTSTV cameras were there. We captured what it’s like behind-the-scenes as hosts Jason Zenger and Jim Carr prepare for the show. We also asked Jason and Jim to talk about their big plans for IMTS 2016, which include two broadcasts from the show floor and a special bonus for MakingChips fans who visit them at the show (watch the video to learn more).

During the on-air interview, Cassie discussed that it’s hard enough for any second-generation business owner to gain respect from their employees, but fighting nepotism is doubly hard when you’re a woman in a male-dominated industry. Cassie proved herself to the people at SPM by working on a Swiss-style machine and learning how to produce parts from the toughest critic in the business, her father, Mike Haupers. Fast forward nine years, and Cassie has earned the right to lead the day-to-day operation of the company. It’s a good thing, too, as the SPM general manager needs to focus on moving the company from their current 29,000-sq.-ft. facility in Niles, Illinois to a new 82,000-sq.-ft. building 10 miles up the road in Wheeling.

IMTS first met Cassie when she volunteered to participate in the “We Are” advertising campaign. She’s a huge fan of attending IMTS, knowing that she’ll be able to explore equipment and technology to improve SPM’s operation. Recent finds include an automated vision system for part inspection (taking a 30-minute process down to 10 seconds!), a vibratory polishing machine for metal components and blaster/dust collector for finishing Swiss-machined plastic parts. With nearly three times the space soon to be available in their new facility, Cassie plans to attend IMTS 2016 with an eye toward becoming more of a one-stop-shop solution for SPM customers.

Watch our favorite clips from Cassie’s interview and listen to Cassie’s full interview on the MakingChips podcast.

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