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Protecting Information and Growing Business

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The trade winds are shifting, and the information economy is growing rapidly. Accordingly, companies should be focused on protecting their digital DNA.

Following his keynote at the [MC]2 Conference, Dr. Jordan Brandt, CEO and co-founder of inpher.io, joined IMTSTV to talk about digital DNA and the cybersecurity and encryption methods that can protect it.

Brandt first highlighted the fundamental shift occurring as the global economy transitions from one based on physical goods to one based on the trade of information. He pointed out that since the economic crisis of 2008, global data flows have outpaced global goods production.

Because of the changing economy, securing information has never been more important. This pressing need led Brandt and his partners to found inpher.io based on the principle that encryption is foundational to the future of computing.

Brandt argued that encryption has been a broken process for decades. Traditionally, once data was encrypted it was nearly impossible to actually use. That’s why inpher.io developed a platform to enable applications to encrypt, index, search and share large unstructured data sets without revealing any plaintext to a host or attacker.

Using this system, encrypted data can be transferred to the cloud without any security concerns. Companies can now search and use their encrypted data with confidence, Brandt concluded.

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