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News Round-up: Focus on Robotics

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They're the way of the future and their revolution is quickly approaching. That's right, robots. New robotics technology is revolutionizing every industry from automotive to food, and these manufacturing advances are proving that almost anything is possible.

Check out these top picks in the latest robotics news:

The Best of Friends, Audi Encounters

Audi has unleashed the robots as a part of their Smart Factory vision of the future. Without protective enclosures, they are able to work alongside people to reduce strenuous activities. However, one of the biggest challenges is around data and allowing machines, systems, products and people to communicate in real time.

Meet the New Generation of Robots for Manufacturing, Wall Street Journal

Meet YuMi, the next generation of human-robot workforce collaboration. Smarter, more adaptable and with increased mobility, this cutting edge innovation will change the face of manufacturing technology. With integrated human collaboration, ABB Robotics introduces the future of manufacturing.

Why Robots AND Humans Are the Answer to Manufacturing's Job Woes, Forbes

The manufacturing workforce is aging out and no one's lining up to fill their shoes. Deloitte predicts that by 2025 there will be 2 million unfilled manufacturing jobs, so how do we fill them? An integrated workforce may be the answer, where humans and robots work side-by-side.

How to Hook Young People on Math and Science? Robots, PBS Newshour

After years of drug addiction, one student gets a second chance at New York's Lower East Side Prep, where she joined the Robotics Team and competed in the FIRST Robotics Competition. While the number of students participating in the competition is increasing, especially young women, the United States still lags behind China in the number of engineers graduating per year.

Behind the Scenes at the DARPA Robotics Challenge, PC Magazine

Go behind the scenes as 24 teams from around the globe compete for $2 million in the DARPA Robotics Competition. The competition is designed to see who can tackle the worlds most pressing issues, in the most innovative ways.

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