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ATS + RÖHM Driving Innovation Tour

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This edition of IMTSTV goes inside the ATS + RÖHM mobile exhibit at The MFG Meeting. ATS + RÖHM joined forces to create the Driving Innovation Tour. ATS will be providing ROHM all of their sales and service support for their products throughout North America. This mobile exhibit is a symbol for their fresh new partnership, and it will be traveling across the United States to be used for various training purposes.

On the tour, John Boland, President of ATS Workholding, highlighted the RÖHM products that include a variety of their interchangeable chucks, vices, and their newest addition, the electronic cylinder. John Boland elaborates that, “The electronic cylinder replaces the hydraulics on a machine tool, which is much more efficient from an energy use standpoint.”

ATS shows off their high pressure coolant system, chucks imported from Germany, and the H-Bot. Boland said, “The high pressure coolant system is their next generation high pressure coolant system, and it has some significant advantages over what had been ‘state of the art’ in the market place.” Another product that seems to have an advantage is the H-Bot. Boland explains that, “The purpose of the H-Bot is so that a person doesn’t have to stand by and hand load the unit, they can go do something more value added.”

Watch the video for the exclusive tour of the Driving Innovation mobile display!

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