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Near-term Opportunities for Additive Manufacturing

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Innovations in additive manufacturing have been of enormous interest and excitement recently. In this edition of IMTSTV, we hear from the speakers on the additive manufacturing panel at The MFG Meeting. Mike Siemer, Rob Mudge and Dr. Lonnie Love each have different views on the opportunities available in additive manufacturing.

Mike Siemer digs into how additive manufacturing is starting to affect production and make companies more adaptive. He states that, “Additive production can be somewhat of a designer’s tool and it is now starting to change the paradigm for future manufacturing.”

Rob Mudge discussed additive manufacturing from a business standpoint and how it can help to lower costs and increase production within companies. He elaborates more about the different avenues there are to take when it comes to the “buy to fly ratios.” Rob says that, “We are working hard to lower costs of equipment, increase production rates, to then make it more cost effective.”

Dr. Lonnie Love addressed how this innovation is an incentive for kids to pursue manufacturing careers. He says, “Kids are not just getting excited about going into engineering, but going into manufacturing.” Even though the perception of manufacturing is as “the factory of the past,” additive manufacturing has enabled us to pivot away from that stereotype.

Watch the video to hear more about the impacts of innovations in additive manufacturing.

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