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IMTS Today: Interview with Lillyworks

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LillyWorks founder Dick Lilly is motivated by one goal: to give manufacturers a simple way to solve the problems that get in the way of on-time performance and flow.

Dick has dedicated his career to creating manufacturing control systems that push the boundaries of available technology, from mainframe computers to minicomputers to microprocessors to networked systems, and into the cloud. For over 55 years, Mr. Lilly has been on the forefront of MRP, MRP II, and ERP innovation. His first company was Software International, followed by ProfitKey. In 1991, he launched VISUAL Manufacturing, the world’s first manufacturing software to offer an intuitive graphical user interface. But he didn’t stop there.

With LillyWorks, he has assembled a world-class team, which includes his sons Mark and Michael Lilly., to bring new cloud-based software to deliver on-time results in less time, every time. LillyWorks is an easy-to-understand method of executing and planning on the shop floor. It’s manufacturing ERP reimagined™. LillyWorks’ new approach to shop floor execution, resource planning, and material planning and purchasing is trademarked, Protected Flow Manufacturing™.

LillyWorks is Booth E-4421

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