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First International Additive Manufacturing Award Presented to Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies, Ltd.

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After careful deliberation, a jury of international leaders from industry, academia, military, media and trade associations elected to grant the first International Additive Manufacturing Award (IAMA) to Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies Ltd., of the United Kingdom and Plano, Texas. The award, created by AMT - The Association For Manufacturing Technology and VDW (German Machine Tool Builders' Association), was presented to Co-Founder and CEO, Dr. Jason Jones, during a reception at this year’s MFG Meeting in Orlando, Florida.

AMT President Doug Woods, left, and VDW Executive Director Dr. Wilfried Schaefer, right, congratulate Dr. Jason Jones, winner of the IAMA.

The winning submission is a hybrid kit innovation that can be integrated into any CNC machine to allow for metal deposition, finishing, and inspection of parts on a single machine. Dr. Jones gave his input on a point AMT’s Tim Shinbara had discussed earlier in the evening— whether additive is a benefit to CNC, a detriment, both, or neither. “What we’re really doing is celebrating the marriage of two industries that I hold dear in my heart— machining and additive manufacturing. And being able to bring those two things together in a way that’s practical and useful has been our objective for a long time.”

“The combination of additive with machining offers new capabilities, including in-process finishing, that cannot be delivered by either technology independently.” — Dr. Jason Jones

Dr. Jones discussed the history of subtractive machining, quoting an article from the Harvard Business School Press that says “machine tools are the ‘mother’ machines, that make all other machines.” “So if machining is the mother process,” Dr. Jones suggested, “then maybe additive is the father process.”

It was a privilege to hear Dr. Jones speak with such passion, and we can’t wait to see what Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies Ltd. does next!

Originally posted on the MFG Advocate blog.

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