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We Are … Connecting at IMTS: Helping Students See their Future

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Lucas Greenlee, an associate professor and teacher of manufacturing technology and mechanical engineering at Rock Valley College wants his students, “to see what they’re preparing themselves for” and make connections between what they’re learning in the textbooks to actual applications. In addition, “The demonstrations are always cool, so it gets them excited about their work,” says Greenlee.

Subad Alazzawi, CTE teacher at Jefferson High School, Rockford, Ill., also believes that IMTS shows his students the future of manufacturing technology, but it’s hard to tell who is more energized: him or the students. “They are so excited,” says Alazzawi. “Today I have the opportunity to bring just one bus, about 35 students, and I’m planning to bring more.”

Greenlee notes that his students are particularly fascinated with the robotics demonstrations. In addition to robotics, students can check out the Smartforce Student Summit, consisting of more than 50 hands-on exhibits. The Student Summit provides a fun and interactive environment to introduce educators, students and parents to exciting innovations in manufacturing technology and dynamic careers in the industry.

Both educators are attending their first IMTS show, and both will “absolutely” be back because they understand the importance of inspiring students.

“When students have the idea about what the future could be for them, and in which part they can participate and how they can serve their career, it’s great,” says Alazzawi.

To learn more about how attending IMTS inspires Lucas and Subad, view the video.

For more info: www.rockvalleycollege.edu/
For more info: www3.rps205.com/academies/Pages/default.aspx

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