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Embracing Advanced Technology for Success

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It’s all about collaboration for Rebecca Taylor, Senior Vice President at the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS). Taylor discussed the technology challenges in the manufacturing industry today with MFG Advocate's Penny Brown at the 2015 [MC]2 Conference.

NCMS is a non-profit set up to help manufacturers collaborate around technology challenges. “Collaboration is hard when you’re talking technology, intellectual property, [and] money,” said Taylor. Around three-fourths of NCMS’s member base is small- to medium-sized manufacturers who are constantly creating jobs and discovering industry-changing innovations. “NCMS’s role is to bring these companies together to leverage their assets.”

“Our mission is always to advance manufacturing; but what is really evolving is the new manufacturing technologies that are allowing people that never could have imagined being manufacturers, be manufacturers.”

With technology becoming cheaper and more accessible, such as 3D printers, more and more individuals who wouldn't otherwise work in manufacturing are getting involved with the manufacturing process simply because they know the technology.

This new frontier of technology and big data does not come without its own set of challenges. Manufacturers generate more data than almost any other industry — but much of it gets lost. Taylor sees one of the biggest challenges as the discovery of efficient data analysis, in order to make the most out of productivity and profitability of data analytics.

Equally as important is the security of this information. Taylor says that without proper security manufacturers could be at risk of losing valuable data.

This technology revolution can only happen if manufacturers embrace the coming changes. Taylor’s advice is that it may take a while, “but your either going to be on the front of the wave or crushed by it.”

For more information on NCMS and the revolution of technology collaboration, watch the full interview above!

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