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How IMTS Spurs Innovation

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In their quest for excellence, manufacturers continually seek new, more efficient ways to do their work. Seeing new technologies often inspires them to dream up even more ways to solve challenges. Following are excerpts from stories of three dreamers and doers—job shop owners, managers and manufacturers who have shared their manufacturing story on IMTS.com.

See more efficient, better technologies
Swiss Precision Machining’s Cassie Haupers, VP of Operations who worked on the shop floor, is acutely aware of productivity roadblocks.

“We have a lot of demands from customers, so sometimes we have to push products through,” she says. “Some of the old ways that we used to do things may be a little bit obsolete. At IMTS, we are able to see more efficient, better technologies. IMTS helped me become who I am today because of all the different things that are there.”

As one example, Cassie cites the machining of a micro plastic part about 0.001” long. Made from PEK, the deburring on it “was just outrageous. We tried thermal deburring, we tried just hand deburring. It was just an absolute nightmare because of the part size.” The solution was a Comco MicroBlaster®, which blasts with micro media and removes burrs in seconds. Not only does the solution reduce cycle time, it provides better quality assurance compared to manual deburring because the micro blasting scours the entire part. Learn more about Cassie at IMTS.com/Cassie.

Stay on top in a competitive market
Terry and Molly Keene, co-owners of Tek Manufacturing, Inc. in Spokane Valley, Wash., credit IMTS as being an integral part of growing their company from a small dream to a big success.

To stay on top in a competitive market, Tek Manufacturing built a reputation on providing reliable high-quality parts at a reasonable cost.

“Every second has a cost on our machines, and every second could win or lose a quote if we don’t have the most efficient process possible,” Molly said. “You can lose a job by a few pennies, because at 10,000 parts per order, those pennies add up.”

IMTS helps the Keenes stay competitive by providing them with updates on the industry’s newest available machines and tooling. They rely on IMTS to give them the information they need.

“We often come to the show as dreamers and exit as doers. But just as often we come as doers and realize there’s technology out there that we hadn’t even dreamed of yet,” Terry said. “We do a lot of research online throughout the year, but we always learn things at IMTS that we’d never find any place else.” Learn more about the Keenes at IMTS.com/Keene.

Revolutionize my business
Tom Hoban, Operations Manager, JTD Enterprises in Chilton, Wis., strives to differentiate his company from the many others out there by taking on more highly advanced machining to make difficult parts.

JTD has capabilities in fabrication, CNC machining (lathe and horizontal/vertical mill), welding, emergency repair, engineering and precision Swiss turning for a variety of industries.

“The biggest challenge right now is just to stay on top of technological advances,” Hoban said. “I do that by attending IMTS and seeing what’s going to revolutionize my business. Every two years things change so drastically, whether it is tooling or just general technology. It’s always worth the trip to see what's new and exciting in this industry.” Learn more about Tom at IMTS.com/Tom.

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