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DMDII Creates Solutions to Today’s Business Challenges

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The mission of the DMDII, the Digital Manufacturing & Design Innovation Institute, is to encourage factories across America to deploy digital manufacturing and design technologies, so those factories can become more efficient and cost-competitive. Dr. William King, CTO of the DMDII, sat down with MFG Advocate at the 2015 [MC]2 Conference to talk about the DMDII’s projects.

Based in Chicago, Ill., DMDII is part of the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation (NNMI), a national collaboration partnership between academic and industry outlets to help solve industry-related problems through focused research in advanced manufacturing techniques. Each institute in the NNMI has a different technology focus. With digital manufacturing at the center, DMDII showcases the latest and greatest in digital manufacturing technology, providing a unique collaboration facility and shop floor demonstration space.

“Manufacturing generates a lot of data,” said Dr. King. “More than any other sector of the economy.” Digital manufacturing is about collecting and analyzing this data throughout the entire lifecycle of design, fabrication, procurement, end-user production and beyond. “Every step of this process generates data…digital manufacturing is about using this data,” Dr. King explains.

The future of manufacturing lies in digitization of manufacturing operations. DMDII is helping manufacturers transition into digitization in two ways. First, every applied technology project through DMDII is required to solve a business problem. Second, each project must emphasize aspects of workforce development training and skills. This allows for a large return on investment for manufacturers when the DMDII projects are completed and technologies are applied at scale.

DMDII has national reach — for more information on how to get involved with the national effort of DMDII, visit dmdii.uilabs.org. For more about DMDII and their work on the advancement of digital manufacturing, watch the entire interview above!

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