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Using Facial Recognition and Gunshot Detection in Manufacturing

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Ever thought of using facial recognition or gunshot detection software in manufacturing? Jeff Rizzie has, and it’s more than theory.  Rizzie, who is the Senior Manager of Business Development at Sandvik Coromant, sat down with IMTSTV at the 2015 [MC]2 Conference to talk about the unlimited possibilities of these emerging technologies.

Rizzie says his intent was “to be a little provocative.” But that’s what you have to do to connect tech companies to what is “historically a very conservative manufacturing industry,” says Rizzie. Facial recognition has many practical applications in manufacturing. Training machines to recognize variances in machining processes and production in near-real time could mean so much more than just increased productivity, it could mean a development in smarter and safer manufacturing processes. If anything, Rizzie says, the technologies “allow us to dream a little bit about how we might be able to do some new things.”

Gunshot detection also presents innovative possibilities in shop floor application. It’s able to hear a sound and know it’s a gunshot with 99% accuracy. Rizzie contemplates if we can take that same type of technology and train it in the manufacturing process. It’s really about taking these ideas and concepts, and finding innovative ways to apply them to the manufacturing process.

“The applications are really exciting,” says Rizzie.  To learn more about these newly emerging technologies and their innovative applications for manufacturing, watch the full interview above!

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