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A Big Data Spin on Workforce Development

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The future of manufacturing rests in the hands of the younger generation. Adam South, Manager of Innovation Ventures at Kennametal, sat down with IMTSTV at the 2015 [MC]2 Conference to talk about what Kennametal is doing to prepare the younger generation to enter the workforce.

“There’s a large unused source of data on the shop floor regarding how cutting tools are being applied,” said South. This data is extremely valuable to those new to the manufacturing shop floor. Kennametal has developed NOVO Optimize, a way to use the MTConnect standard to capture and collect this data and provide back recommendations to users on how they can improve productivity. Kennametal has combined MTConnect with their intimate knowledge of cutting tools and crowdsourced data from people on the shop floor who have decades of experience operating these tools. By doing this, they can collect the “tribal knowledge” from the experienced workforce to make it easily transferrable to the new generation of workers.

This is important because the older, more experienced generation is leaving the workforce and taking their knowledge with them. Without a high number of younger individuals to replace them, we are seeing decades of knowledge lost. It’s important to not only collect this knowledge, but to make it easily accessible and transferrable to a younger generation that is accustomed to having knowledge at their fingertips. This new initiative from Kennametal provides an opportunity to close the talent gap between the experienced workers and the younger generation more quickly, by providing this knowledge through highly accessible mediums.

To learn more about Kennametal’s NOVO Optimize, watch the entire interview above!

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