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3 Ideas to Be “Uncopyable”

Category: Business Oct 10, 2018

In his book, Uncopyable: Creating an Unfair Advantage Over the Competition, Steve Miller discusses why it's become harder and harder to win business based on price, quality, or service.

Miller suggests if companies are competing on price, quality, or service, then they are all the same and have no differentiator. He urges companies to look at the following three factors to determine the unique value of a company.

Employ one, a combination of two or all.

  1. Know Your Branding Proposition. Branding is the promise that your company makes to earn customer trust and loyalty. For example, Harley-Davidson sells more than just motorcycles. Harley-Davidson sells the community behind the motorcycle, which includes clubs, events, and the “tough look” (jackets, hats and clothing). Think of branding as the feeling your customers get beyond the product.
  2. Develop an Experience. Curate every interaction along the path of your customer’s experience such as key search words, the website, order placing, visiting the facility, and even communicating with your billing department among others. The American Girl is more than a doll store. It’s organized to be a stimulating environment where parents and grandparents can take their children and grandchildren to learn about history and different hobbies, to play and interact with dolls, and to practice etiquette skills while dining with the dolls. There is even a beauty parlor for dolls to change hairstyles and a hospital, because American Girl dolls don’t break. They get sick. Customers leave the store with stories that they tell others.
  3. Look at other industries to find innovations. Go outside your industry to find ideas that when transferred to your industry become innovative concepts. Miller points to Southwest Airlines. Its CEO realized that every minute a plane was on the ground, offloading and reloading, it was costing money. He brought in a NASCAR pit crew to share their techniques for quickly getting a car in and out of the pit and back on the race track. They applied the same strategy to offload and reload the airplanes. Southwest reduced plane ground time from 40 - 60 minutes to 20 minutes. Today Southwest boasts 10 flights a day per plane. Its competitors average five flights per day per plane.

Look at your current marketing approach, share these ideas with your colleagues and schedule an hour to brainstorm ideas. Steve insists you’ll come away defining why your company is uniquely valuable and gain an unbreakable attachment with your customers that will also result in more referrals.

Steve presented a seminar on Uncopyable in the Job Shops program presented during IMTS 2018. Steve Miller is Marketing Gunslinger for The Adventure and presents radical new ideas for developing business and hosts webinars for IMTS throughout the year.

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