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Meet Jules McGuire

Category: IMTS Mar 13, 2019

As AMT’s Exhibitions Senior Manager of Content Development, Jules leads AMT’s effort to create helpful, informative, and entertaining articles and videos for the IMTS community.

“We want to tell enjoyable and educational stories about manufacturing and its impact on improving our lives. A great story connects emotionally,” says Jules. “Our industry is an exciting one and will take us far into the future. I want to show off our industry, attract young people, and help manufacturers be the best they can be. I want to connect people to the exciting world of manufacturing.”

Connecting people with technology has been a theme throughout Jules’s career, which she began as a public-school teacher in Little Rock, Ark. Advancing quickly to be a technology facilitator, she challenged students to develop computer and video skills to benefit the local community. In one case, her students created a virtual tour of a local WWII museum, which was featured on the museum’s website.

“I liked seeing students connect advanced technology to improving the local community around them,” says Jules. She also secured a $25,000 grant to hold a two-month, summer video-production camp for elementary and high school students.

With strong analytical skills and a knack for understanding complex subjects, Jules developed a curriculum on environmental law at the Nutrients for Life Foundation, a non-profit organization with strong ties to the agricultural industry. She also created lesson plans, online materials, and educational games on soil science with partnerships with the Smithsonian Institution and Discovery Communications. Later, she developed online education materials about the MTConnect® Standard for AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology.

“We’re thrilled to have Jules on our team,” says AMT Vice President of Exhibitions Peter R. Eelman. “She’s energetic, adventurous, and organized. Her knowledge of advanced manufacturing, analytical skills, and boundless curiosity combined with her ability to translate challenging subjects into easy-to-understand language will help us deliver great stories, articles, and videos for the IMTS community and even the public at large.”

“Telling stories is the perfect opportunity to show the connection between people and manufacturing and how it enhances our lives,” says Jules.

Outside of work, Jules focuses her energy on her spirited toddler. She also enjoys caring for her garden and sewing clothes for her toddler. Whether nurturing a rose bush back to health, stitching a new outfit for her son, or telling a manufacturing story, Jules will ensure they blossom to their full potential.

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