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We're #1, Almost!

Category: IMTS Apr 10, 2019

Thanks to you, IMTS 2018 captured the number two spot on the 2018 Trade Show News Network’s (TSNN) Top Trade Shows list. Here’s our list of some fantastic number two’s, which include famous people, spectacular places, delicious restaurants, and innovative products. We’re in great company!
Ten Number Two’s
  1. Second Best Basketball Player in NBA History: LeBron James - Just trailing Michael Jordan and surely never coming up short.
  2. Second Richest Person: Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Gates - At $96.5 billion, he’s a very wealthy runner up.
  3. Second Most Photographed Place in the U.S.: Niagara Falls - This breath-taking border landmark is worth a visit—and a selfie.
  4. Second Highest Grossing Film of All Time: Titanic (1997) - Jack. Rose. Ice. Shall we go on?
  5. Second Smartest Person: Christopher Hirata - An astrophysicist with an estimated IQ of 225 who began working at NASA at 16 years old. 
  6. Second Best Steakhouse in the U.S.: Bazaar Meat by José Andrés (Las Vegas, Nevada) - Diners enjoy a culinary experience that is (almost) second to none.
  7. The Second Most Popular Sports Team: New York Yankees - Dozens of championships and truly ardent fans make this number two a number one.
  8. The Second Most Valuable Sports Team: Manchester United - Worth more than $4 billion, this soccer franchise is super successful. 
  9. Second Most Expensive Car: Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita – With a $4.8 million price tag, this gem is coated with real diamonds. 
  10. Second Best Pizza Joint in the U.S.: Bleecker Street Pizza (New York City) - Founded in 1929 by an Italian immigrant, it is simply good.
All Kidding Aside
Your part at IMTS 2018, along with the explosion of digital technology, highly advanced manufacturing techniques, and a strong economy, allowed IMTS 2018 to break all of its own previous records.
View the official IMTS press release about capturing second on TSNN’s Top Trade Shows list.

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