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Strap on Your Seat Belt, Prepare for Change!

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Today, Industry 4.0 and consumer demand for customization are changing the economics of production and distribution. Manufacturers are exploring radical new ways to make products and unlock new markets changing the economics of production and distribution. To help manufacturers gain a larger slice of the pie, MT360 is a new event that aims to connect them with the software developers and investors of Silicon Valley to accelerate the integration of emerging technologies into manufacturing.

Many of the speakers, technologies, and organizations involved with MT360 were first introduced in the IMTS Emerging Technology Centers (ETCs). Speakers include:

“Those who disrupt their industries change consumer behavior, alter economics, and transform lives.”
Heather Simmons
  • Jay Rogers
    CEO and Co-founder, LM Industries, Inc.
    As a leader of a technology company that designs, builds, and sells vehicles and other high-technology products in partnership with manufacturers, Jay first participated in the ETC at IMTS 2012 building the Rally Fighter, the first car developed using co-creation design. At IMTS 2014, LM built the first 3D-printed electric car. At IMTS 2018 LM operated its latest creation, Olli, an urban-speed, cognitive, electric shuttle. At MT360, Jay will present Making Mobility outlining how an innovative digital OEM can meet consumer customization, unlock new markets, and produce products in a new and agile way by using 3D printing, direct digital manufacturing, and locally based microfactories.

  • Mickey McManus
    Visiting Research Fellow, Autodesk Office of the CTO
    A pioneer in pervasive computing, collaborative human/machine innovation, human-centered design and education, Mickey holds 13 patents in the area of connected products, vehicles, and services. He will present Cherishing Cognition & Driving Performance at the Intersection of Atoms, Bits, and Minds, outlining strategies to find new industries hidden at the intersection of manufacturing and the Internet of Things.

  • Stephan Biller
    Vice President, Offering Management, IBM Watson
    Recognized by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers as a thought leader in smart manufacturing, Stephan formally worked as General Electric’s chief manufacturing scientist & technology leader. He founded GE’s Brilliant Factory initiative and its AM software strategy. His presentation, The Operational Butterfly Effect focuses on how IoT data, artificial intelligence, and analytics can improve manufacturing efficiencies. The LM shuttle vehicle Olli is enhanced by Watson IoT and Watson APIs enabling it to answer riders’ questions (Where’s a good place for dinner?) and take them there.

More About MT360
In addition to the speakers and panel discussions, MT360 will host a Virtual Factory, which will showcase companies involved in cognitive automation, additive manufacturing, augmented reality, and the digital thread. Attendees can visit and interact with software companies, hardware companies, complete AR-platform providers, and smart manufacturing.

MT360 takes place June 18-20, at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, Calif. MT360 is targeting startups with emerging technologies that can enhance and change the way manufacturing will take place in the future. Space is limited. Register today at mt360conference.com.

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