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Meet Matt, IMTS Team Member

Category: AMT Jun 12, 2019

Confident, scrupulous, and focused, Matt Lutz excels at golf (Matt is an eight handicap!), hiking, and as the AMT Exhibitions Quality Control Manager. (AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology owns and operates IMTS.) Matt ensures that IMTS visitor inquiries are answered thoughtfully, all digital and print media is accurate, and exhibitor appointed contractors are registered and qualified.

Right and Relevant
“We love helping IMTS visitors get the right information at the right time,” says Matt. “It’s important to me that we provide relevant and correct material that is easy to find and read. Knowing manufacturers contribute to the well-being of our economy and national defense, our team takes pride supporting IMTS visitors in the best way possible.”

“’How do I register?’ is the most popular question via telephone and email,” says Matt, who responds to IMTS phone calls and emails.

In addition to providing customer service, Matt reviews the website to confirm that links are working, any errors or typos are corrected, and that information is easy to find. He proofreads all the IMTS Insider e-newsletters, emails, and brochures. He even “proof-watches” IMTS videos and graphics before they are made public.

Rules and Regulations
About 10 months before IMTS, Matt begins to manage the registration process and qualifications of the exhibitor-appointed contractors (EACs), who build hundreds of the IMTS booths. “Every year, I am surprised by the new booth designs that EACs create,” says Matt.

During the show, Matt serves as the AMT show representative for the East building. Once the show begins, he is busy helping exhibitors and visitors. “It’s wonderful to see McCormick Place and Chicago fill with IMTS visitors,” says Matt. “It’s rewarding to see our hard work from the past two years come to life.”

In June 2018, Matt played golf on the extremely difficult Black Course at Bethpage State Park in Farmingdale, New York. Last month's PGA Championship was held on this course.

Receptive and a Role Model
“We’re glad to have Matt on our team,” says Mark Kennedy, AMT Director – Exhibitions Sales. “He’s got a great eye for detail, quality, and relevance, which makes him a strong proofreader. His congeniality makes him the perfect example of excellent customer service. He’s a role model for our younger team members.”

Matt joined AMT in 2015 but has more than 25 years of experience working in the trade show industry as a registration consultant, which eventually led him to IMTS. “I always admired the professionalism and vastness of IMTS. I am proud to work with a show of the highest caliber,” says Matt.

“Matt helps everyone on the team perform better by sharing his knowledge of the behind-the-scenes logistics and by identifying how visitors might be feeling on the phone, through email, and even at the show,” says Michelle Edmonson, AMT Senior Director – Exhibitions Operations & Marketing. “Matt approaches his work as he does his favorite pastimes with precision, efficient planning, and a smile.”

Rest and Relaxation

Matt, who lives within 10 miles of the Appalachian Trail, enjoys hiking on trails in the eastern United States including those in the Shenandoah Mountains and the Allegheny Mountains.
When Matt isn’t working, you might find him in the mountains or on a golf course. A resident of Frederick, Md., Matt lives within 10 miles of the Appalachian Trail. He’s hiked on trails all along the eastern United States including the Shenandoah Mountains and the Allegheny Mountains. When he isn’t hiking, Matt is playing golf. Sometimes he plays 36 holes on a Saturday. Other times he’ll plan a golf game at a course near a trail to combine his favorite pastimes. Matt has attended the U.S. Open 12 times since 1993. Matt also volunteers one time per week at a local homeless shelter.

Have an IMTS question for Matt? Email him at, or call him at 703-827-5215.

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