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Category: Events Jul 10, 2019

With more than 36,000 manufacturing firms employing 1.3 million people, California is among the fastest-growing manufacturing regions in the United States. For more than 40 years, downtown Los Angeles had been home for WESTEC. But as manufacturing changes, so does the landscape and location of manufacturers. For the first time, WESTEC will take place in a new location: the Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, Calif., September 24-26.

Long Beach, a City with Varied Business Sectors

The Long Beach Business Journal reports that the city’s economy is strong and stable—attributable to a diverse cluster of industries. It’s been a hub for aviation, aerospace, and oil since the early 1900s. More recently, automotive, medical, and high-tech industries have contributed to the city’s strength and stability.

Aviation and Aerospace: Many aviation and aerospace companies operate in and around Long Beach Airport. Gulfstream employs approximately 800 workers in the city and performs maintenance and service on several models of its jets.

Oil: Discovered in 1921 under Long Beach, oil remains a vital resource to the city, which sits on top of Wilmington Field. The largest oil field in the Los Angeles Basin and the third-largest oil field in the United States, Wilmington generates revenue that is directed into infrastructure and maintenance projects.

Automotive: Long Beach has been the headquarters of DENSO Products and Services Americas, Inc., a supplier of automotive parts and systems, since 1984. DENSO has invested nearly $3 billion in autonomous driving and safety technology in order to be well positioned for the future.

Medical: Long Beach is home to several medical centers including St. Mary’s Medical Center with a robotics system and the Veterans Affairs healthcare system housed within California State University. The centers rely on developments from local high-tech companies and small manufacturers.

The decision to move WESTEC to Long Beach was the result of research that found the geographic center of manufacturing had moved away from Los Angeles toward Long Beach. Not only is Long Beach more easily accessible to the majority of manufacturers, but the city offers affordable parking, restaurants, and hotels. The Port of Long Beach is among the world’s largest shipping ports and the largest driver of the city’s robust economic activity.

Produced by AMT and SME, WESTEC is one of the regional events in the Manufacturing Technology Series, which is tailored to each area’s specific needs. WESTEC focuses on solutions for the area’s vibrant aerospace, medical, automotive, and oil industries. You’ll have the chance to compare the newest technologies side-by-side, meet face-to-face with the experts who developed them, and build your network to help your business thrive.

New AM Pavilion
This year, WESTEC will have an Additive Manufacturing Exhibit Pavilion that will focus on the role of 3D printing in sustaining an innovative development culture.

Experience and Learn

In addition to demonstrations of advanced technology in the exhibit hall, WESTEC features dozens of complimentary educational presentations including keynote addresses, technology workshops, and interactive knowledge bars. CNC machining, advanced materials, digital manufacturing, automation, robotics, 3D printing, and machine learning are among the new featured technologies.

WESTEC’s keynote presentations include:

“At WESTEC, visitors and suppliers can talk face to face about specific challenges and connect with colleagues,” says Bonnie Gurney, AMT Director – Industry Partnerships. “The goal of WESTEC is to support the area’s manufacturers with the tools, tips, and knowledge they need to be competitive. You won’t want to miss the Golden State’s premier manufacturing technology show!”

For more information on exhibiting, contact Bonnie Gurney at or visit

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