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Meet Danish, IMTS Team Member

Category: IMTS Jul 10, 2019

By IMTS Team Member Kathy K. Webster, Exhibitions Content Manager - Correspondence at AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology, which owns and operates IMTS – The International Manufacturing Technology Show

Positive, personable and outgoing, Danish is a people-person. As the AMT Facilities Coordinator and Exhibitions Operations Assistant, Danish practically plays the role of his favorite superhero, Batman. He combines his physical strength with his strong communication and problem-solving skills to respond thoughtfully to the IMTS 800 phone lines, international visitor requests, facility maintenance issues, as well as help coordinate numerous logistic matters including shipments, lifting heavy boxes, loading pallets, and even moving furniture.

Danish joined AMT in 2016. Prior to joining AMT, Danish worked for Hamilton Beach certifying large machinery. “When I interviewed for the job at IMTS, I knew right away it was the place for me,” says Danish. “Everyone was friendly. I could relate to the logistics of a machine show, and they described a lot of challenges I felt I could handle.”

“We’re lucky to have Danish on our team. He is friendly and has a positive, can-do attitude,” says Jessica Aybar, AMT Senior Manager – Exhibitions Operations. “Whenever we have a task that seems difficult or taxing, Danish sees it as a challenge. He finds creative ways to solve problems. He is very thoughtful and never complains. He’ll surprise me with my favorite coffee, place something helpful on my desk, and always asks others for their orders when he heads out for lunch.”

You might say Danish is like his favorite superhero, Batman, who has a positive mindset and believes nothing is impossible. “A hero can be anyone” is Danish’s favorite Batman quote. Danish believes in doing his best, collaborating with others, and committing to a positive attitude each day. Danish has overcome some challenges in his life, and firmly believes that if you make the choice to have a positive attitude, then it will help you be successful. Though he sees himself as “Robin” and Jessica as “Batman”. “I’ve learned so much from Jessica. She’s a wonderful mentor,” says Danish.

Fluent in Three Languages
Danish was born in Pakistan and is fluent in Hindi and Urdu. At the age of four, his family faced religious persecution, fled to the United States, and settled in Miami, Fla., where he quickly learned English and fell in love with the Miami Hurricanes and Miami Marlins. His language fluency is extremely helpful as many of those seeking visas are from India, which is consistently one of the top five countries where IMTS international visitors come from.

Twenty-three percent of IMTS visitors are international, which means they need a special travel visa to visit the United States. To obtain the visa, they must submit business credentials in advance so that AMT can verify their affiliation with the manufacturing technology industry. Danish reviews international requests to attend IMTS and verifies their manufacturing credentials.

The Invisible Man
“Danish’s background helps him relate well with our international visitors. He is patient, calm, polite, and engaging. He is our own version of the superhero: The Invisible Man, always working behind the scenes to make sure IMTS logistics flow smoothly and individual experiences at IMTS are problem free," says Peter Eelman, AMT VP and CXO. “He also appreciates good food and has become a big fan of the Chicago scene...he even sports a Chicago White Sox jersey with his name proudly stitched on the back!”

Danish is one of several on the exhibitions team that respond to general emails and answer calls on the IMTS 800 phone line. “I really like responding to emails and talking on the phone with people who want to know more about IMTS,” says Danish. “A month before the show, we get tons of calls, some people might find it overwhelming, but it really gets our team energized for the show.”

“I truly appreciate our enthusiastic team environment. As the middle child of five siblings, I grew up looking out for others. We help each other to do our best,” says Danish. “We support each other at AMT.”

Throughout the year, Danish provides support to the logistics team. He handles all shipping, handling, and special deliveries. In 2018, he helped manage the IMTS 2018 Exhibitor Product Innovation Award submissions.

Before IMTS, Danish approves and processes early and/or late access floor passes for IMTS visitors. During IMTS, Danish assists AMT Exhibitions Sales Manager Tom Snyder to ensure fire safety codes are intact, confirms that the show staff offices are set up properly, delivers important documents, and is responsible for all shipping and handling of AMT property. (AMT is based in McLean, Va.)

Indelible Gourmand
As a member of the IMTS logistics team, Danish is in Chicago for several weeks, giving him ample time to sample the Windy City’s restaurants. A consummate foodie, Danish loves the variety of ethnic restaurants in Chicago from Ramen-San to Niu Japanese Fusion Lounge to Naansense. The team often relies on Danish’s restaurant recommendations. One of his greatest pleasures in Chicago was dining in the world-renowned Benny’s Chop House. “It was truly an emotional experience,” says Danish.

Beyond IMTS
Danish fell in love with Batman as a child and loves to attend Comic Conventions and tries to regularly attend Awesome Con, Washington, D.C.’s comic convention. “It’s energizing and fun!” says Danish. “It’s also a chance for me to see a show from the visitor perspective.”

For Danish, a great weekend is: “When I can work out at the gym for a few hours, enjoy a few delicious meals, and catch a Miami Marlins, Miami Hurricanes, or Chicago White Sox game.”

A Hero
“Danish is a true hero. No challenge is too great. He helps everyone out and does so with grace and humor, and sometimes even physical strength,” says Michelle Edmonson, AMT Senior Director – Exhibitions and Marketing.

Have an IMTS question for Danish? Email him at or call 703-827-5206.

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