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Meet Tom, IMTS Team Member

Category: AMT Oct 9, 2019

By Kathy Keyes Webster, AMT Exhibitions Content Manager – Correspondence

Tom Snyder, AMT Exhibitions Sales Manager, is one of the great puzzle masters that creates the IMTS floor plan. Whether he’s trying to solve a murder mystery in a crime novel, finding the perfect spot for a row of hydrangeas in his yard, or arranging 2,000+ exhibiting companies for IMTS, Tom enjoys the challenge of finding the right solution. But there is one thing he likes even better, and that’s you! The visitors and exhibitors of IMTS.

After all, he has known some of you for nearly 35 years! When you ask Tom what he likes best about his job, he says, “The people! My work is all about relationships.” Tom enjoys getting to know exhibitors and visitors. He wants you to know, he listens to all visitor feedback, every exhibitor request, and takes them all into consideration when creating the IMTS floor plan.

“I focus on creating the best layouts for visitors and exhibitors to connect,” says Tom. He arranges the booths and aisles for easy navigation, maximum booth exposure, and total adherence to dozens of fire codes, safety rules, and weight/height restrictions.

Tom compares the challenge of creating the IMTS floor plan to putting a giant 2,000-piece jigsaw puzzle together without interlocking pieces. Tom is proud that IMTS is continuously one of the shows with the highest yield of floor plan square footage, but he is even more proud that he’s known many visitors and exhibitors for nearly 35 years.

“Since the late 1980s, Tom’s signature has been on every IMTS floor plan. Tom’s incredible ability to pull together so many details and visualize the IMTS floor plan three-dimensionally has contributed to the success of IMTS,” said Peter Eelman, AMT VP and CXO. “His creative problem solving is matched only by his great rapport with exhibitors and his understanding that every exhibitor is unique and has specific needs to be successful at IMTS.”

When he's not piecing the show floor together, Tom is using his creativity and planning skills to landscape his yard, read crime fiction novels by his favorite author Michael Connelly, or working out and weightlifting. (He once bench-pressed 265 lbs. and leg pressed 1,000 lbs.) Tom also enjoys spending time with friends and family as well as taking vacation cruises. With retirement on the horizon, Tom is looking to re-locate in the Southeast to a community close to water.

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