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ASME’s Best 3D-Printed Medical Developments

Category: Manufacturing Technology Nov 13, 2019

This article was provided by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and edited by Kathy K. Webster, AMT Exhibitions - Correspondence

In 2000, hearing aid cases were first 3D-printed and within a few years became the industry standard. Today, orthopedic implant manufacturers are making complex structures to create in-bone growth surfaces on devices.

Many traditional manufacturing technologies have become a part of the complete additive manufacturing (AM) process from CAD-CAM software to the post-processing and inspection techniques. Medical device manufacturers are now looking for post processing and non-destructive testing technologies. With metal in more than half of additively-manufactured, FDA-cleared medical devices, manufacturers are looking to advanced technology providers for answers.

The total value of AM machines, materials, software, and services for medical applications is projected to reach $2.2 billion by 2024*. With such incredible growth, keeping up with developments can be challenging. The ASME Medical AM/3DP Advisors gathered and identified what they believe to be the best developments with a positive impact on patients. They are:

  • Surgical planning
  • Dental devices
  • Patient-matched implants
  • Production implants
  • AM-enabled tissue fabrication
  • Anatomic models for education
  • Active devices
  • Development & prototypes
  • Prosthetics & assistive devices

They also recognized the following trends:

  • Collaborations made a significant impact.
  • Quality processes are a key focus with heavy standards development activity, printer certification, and more.
  • Materials continue to be an important development area.
  • Research remains a vital focus to develop new processes, materials, and applications.
  • Workforce development is a priority with new projects funded and courses available for tissue fabrication.

Download more details in the ASME report at:

*HEALTHCARE 3D PRINTING MARKET SIZE, Global Market Insights, July 2018

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