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Info on the Go: AMT Launches Tech Trends Podcast

Category: AMT Dec 10, 2019

Want an earful of manufacturing-centric information? The new twice-monthly Tech Trends podcast from AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology—helps listeners stay abreast of developments in additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence, automation, CAD/CAM, composite materials, lasers, machine learning, machine tool, machining, material science, and nanotechnology.

“The Tech Trends podcast fills a void because no one else discusses the volume or breadth of topics that we offer,” says co-host Benjamin Moses – Director of Manufacturing Technology at AMT.

“We use IBM Watson to curate manufacturing-specific research from government and academic entities, such as NASA, NIST, NSF, SFF, and CIRP, and match it with our custom news feed,” adds co-host Stephen LaMarca – Manufacturing Technology Analyst at AMT.

Each Tech Trends podcast lasts about 30 minutes. They appeal to shop owners, engineering managers, engineers, researchers, manufacturers, integrators, distributors, technology creators, and anyone with an inquiring mind.

Born from Experience
As a part of each podcast, Moses and LaMarca discuss topics generated from an active test bed at AMT headquarters. A test bed is a manufacturing industry technique used to conduct rigorous and repeatable tests on desktop/small-scale equipment to simulate a production line. AMT’s test bed currently features a five-axis CNC mill and will add a robotic arm and metrology equipment in 2020.

“Much like additive manufacturing creates affordable prototypes and reduces time to market, test beds enable users to validate new technologies before making a high dollar capital expense,” says Moses. “Through our test bed, we find, expose, and discuss real production floor challenges and issues during the Tech Trends podcast.”

AMT Tech Trends Podcast

The latest research & news in manufacturing


Ben and Stephen live and breathe manufacturing technology in their professional and personal lives. They bring their scientific acumen to real-world challenges like optimizing tools paths and fixing mundane problems such as broken lawn sprinklers.

Moses worked in the advanced manufacturing industry for 14 years before joining AMT, notably as a senior design engineer and manufacturing engineering manager for Eaton’s aviation segment. He holds a B.S. in aeronautical, aerospace, and astronautical engineering from the University of Maryland, College Park. LaMarca holds a B.S. in physics from Norwich University and has been with AMT since 2015.

Tech Trends can be found on podcast applications that include Spotify, Stitcher, iTunes, and Google Play.

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