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Augmented Reality - Not Just for Games

Category: Manufacturing Technology Feb 10, 2020

Augmented Reality in Manufacturing Technology

It’s not just for gamers anymore. Augmented Reality (AR) is a practical, straightforward tool that can be used to increase the productivity of the industrial workforce. Gain insight on how augmented reality tools including smart glasses, tablets, and phones can create opportunities and reduce downtime in MT360’s new white paper, The Value of Augmented Reality in Manufacturing Technology.

Augment your production:

  • Is AR the “secret ingredient” your company needs to streamline diagnostics, plus enhance maintenance and repair?

Will your technicians still be fumbling with cumbersome hard-copy manuals or waiting for expert tech assistance?

Create a new reality:

  • Will smart glasses become the norm in your facility?
  • How will AR help train new workers faster as experienced workers retire?

Start building a better future for your company by downloading the latest MT360 white paper.

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