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MTConnect® (A Free Manufacturing Standard) Releases Update

Category: AMT Feb 10, 2020

Unlock Your Data-driven Potential!
In December 2019, the MTConnect Institute® released version 1.5.0 of the MTConnect® standard, the world’s only free, open semantic vocabulary for manufacturing devices. It fosters interoperability between equipment, devices, and software—reducing the cost and complexity of systems integration to maximize the data-driven potential of your operations.

Adopting MTConnect can help manufacturers increase utilization time, reduce scrap, and use predictive maintenance to prevent breakdowns. New features include:

  • Data items and information models for additive manufacturing including material system, deposition system, volumetric unit, wait states.
  • Data items for robotic machine tending.
  • Expanded data items for cutting tools including tool offset variable and tool groups.

See the press release for more details.

Who uses MTConnect?

Expect to see many exhibitors at IMTS 2020 demonstrating connectivity using MTConnect. The adoption of digital manufacturing has made MTConnect more relevant than ever, allowing companies of all sizes to digitally link assets in manufacturing, maintenance, logistics, and other areas of operation.

Recent adopter Jan de Nijs, a fellow at Lockheed Martin, says, “MTConnect is foundational for our strategic enterprise data architecture for telemetry data from devices that need to be part of our connected enterprise. It is the basis on which Lockheed Martin is developing our IIoT value propositions, enabling us to serve our customer more competitively in the future.”

As more companies understand the value of digitizing their operations, they want greater access to data from the factory floor to gain better visibility. They see the promise that computers and networking can offer to even a very traditional shop. There are a lot of advantages to modernizing technology and IT infrastructure, and the open protocol of MTConnect prevents roadblocks.

“The growing idea of smarter factories has led a lot of people to MTConnect's doorstep as they look for real world, already-implemented solutions that will save time and energy compared to developing their own solution from scratch,” says Russ Waddell, Managing Director for the MTConnect Institute. “It's providing a head start on the digital transformation journey.”

In the last few years, the industry has seen a revolutionary change in the way it thinks about data-driven manufacturing. And uses for data are expanding.

“At IMTS 2018, we entered a new era of true technological evolution,” says Russ. “Anyone thinking about product lifecycle management understands that disparate information is becoming easier to aggregate and access with MTConnect. There's huge potential to unlock value that's been tied up in clunky, outdated or onerous information management systems.”

The standard is maintained by an ever-growing committee made up of volunteers from industry, and new features are being developed all the time.

MTConnect has become broadly accepted around the world because it has created an open and agnostic definition of the structure and terminology used in communications in the discrete parts manufacturing sector.

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