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Meet Adam, IMTS Team Member

Category: IMTS Apr 20, 2020

By Kathy Keyes Webster, AMT Exhibitions Content Manager – Correspondence

The tall man behind the camera takes long swift strides as he adjusts sound dials, checks light settings, and chats casually with the interviewee before the lens. Meet Adam Gambrel, who’s passionate about producing IMTS videos that connect with you and explore the amazing world of advanced manufacturing.

Creative, energetic, and technically savvy, Adam’s work encapsulates all aspects of video production: selecting sites and music tracks, submitting drone permit applications, editing videos, and more. Adam appreciates that each work day varies.

“I love sharing stories of ingenuity,” says Adam. “My favorite videos are about people who take challenges and turn them into opportunities.”

Getting Started
In 2015, during his sophomore year of college, Adam joined AMT as an intern to gain practical work experience to compliment his communications studies at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va. He began writing social media posts, articles for IMTS Insider, and editing videos, for IMTSTV—where he could put his classroom theories to work. In 2016, impressed with his video production skills, the exhibitions team asked Adam to attend his first IMTS, where he created (and starred in) the iSpy segments for the event.

Upon graduation in 2017, Adam joined AMT fulltime to lead the team’s digital media efforts. Adam still wakes up surprised he is part of the IMTS team.

“Adam is a great asset to AMT and IMTS.  His confidence and stage experience make him a natural. He knows what to do on both sides of the camera!” says Michelle Edmonson, Senior Director – Exhibitions Operations & Marketing.

Beyond the lens of IMTS

There is more to this cameraman than meets the eye. He is an accomplished singer and pianist, a member of a jazz quartet that performs in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area, enjoys going to a variety of musical performances, and he is an Eagle Scout. When he isn’t working, on stage or in an audience, he’s hiking and camping. Raised in the mountains of southwest Virginia, Adam feels a strong connection to nature and often shares his survival skills and knowledge of the great outdoors with friends.

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