Book Review: The Best Damn Sales Book Ever: 16 Rock-Solid Rules for Achieving Sales Success!

Jun 6, 2012

Warren Greshes

Many sales books focus on some part of the actual sales process: prospecting, closing, referrals, or presentation skills. Others focus on certain psychological or new ways of selling: customer-centric selling; mirroring and understanding the personality of the customer; relationship selling.

While many of the above skills will be included in The Best Damn Sales Book Ever, this book is about what successful salespeople do to be successful.

Author Greshes says selling is rejection, plain and simple. The top salespeople can deal with it, the rest can’t. Pretty simple, but pretty sobering. He supposes the single biggest differentiator between the successful and unsuccessful salesperson is self-motivation.

The book does a good job of teaching the reader how to motivate him or herself by outlining a process in which you, the reader, develop a written 5-year plan for life, career and business. The author says this 5-year plan will enable you to focus more clearly on what you want to accomplish, when you’ll accomplish it, and the specific steps you will need to take to accomplish your goals.

The “rock solid” rules are:

  1. They have a great attitude and always do more than they are supposed to.
  2. They see themselves as successful.
  3. They don’t prejudge; they don’t assume; they don’t minimize themselves, their prospects or their clients.
  4. They are goal-oriented. They have written specific goals and strategic plans for their lives, careers and businesses.
  5. They are self-motivated.
  6. They are in control.
  7. They constantly practice and prepare.
  8. They see and talk to more people than anyone else and get more people to say no to them.
  9. They take action.
  10. They are persistent.
  11. They will sell more just because they understand who the customer is and what they really want.
  12. They consistently create and sell value, rather than get stuck on selling price.
  13. They understand that speed and ease are the two biggest benefits you can deliver to a customer.
  14. They act as experts, advisers and resources to their customers, always ready to provide them with knowledge, expertise, information and education.
  15. They are indispensable to their customers.
  16. They absolutely, positively love what they do.

He often breaks away from the topic to give you either a Sales Tip or Sales Alert, or go off on a Sales Rant, in order to expand on a point and give you more practical information that can be put to use immediately.

You will be asked to do some work in order to come up with your plan. Everything he asks the reader to do and every idea he gives are easy to implement.

This book is no magic formula. It's a good solid read – a basic reminder of good sales practice. A salesperson is someone who MUST bring value and is considered indispensable by the customer. You will walk away from this book ready to do some goal setting and be motivated to visualize your successful self. Hey, it can’t hurt!

About The Author

Warren Greshes is a serial entrepreneur. As an internationally acclaimed professional speaker, best-selling author, broadcaster, podcaster, educational products producer and former minor league baseball team owner, Warren has been travelling the world for the past 25 years building his brand.