IMTS Ride Experience

IMTS Ride Experience

Ride in the Self-Driving Olli!

IMTS visitors can take a ride in Olli, a self-driving, digitally manufactured, 3D-printed, electric shuttle by Local Motors designed to streamline shared transportation systems around the world.

Olli will shuttle visitors between North building level 3 and East building level 3. Local Motors is the disruptive car manufacturer that partnered with AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology, the owner and operator of IMTS, to bring both the live Rally Fighter and 3D-printed Strati builds to AMT's Emerging Technology Center for IMTS 2012 and 2014, respectively.

During IMTS 2016, the IMTS Ride Experience featured the breakthrough technology in Olli that deftly navigated through the structural support pillars in the halls. Equipped with IBM Watson Internet of Things (IoT) technology, Olli is more than just an intelligent and entertaining ride. Olli represents how Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM) and 3D printing are fundamentally changing the way manufacturers create products, in turn creating a future where product development timelines are significantly reduced.

Olli was born out of the company's community challenge to develop an intelligent vehicle for use in urban areas. The result is a self-driving shuttle that allows riders to set pickup and destination locations through an app and acts as an “on-demand” version of public transportation.

“Olli's capabilities are ideal for urban environments and large campuses like McCormick Place where you have many destinations to connect people to, such as separate halls or convention centers and hotels,” said Executive Vice President of Local Motors by LMI, Matthew Rivett.

Local Motors' microfactory “puts the emphasis on demonstration and learning.” Says CEO of Local Motors' parent company, LM Industries Group Inc., Jay Rogers. “Jay and his team continue to be at the leading edge of providing market and consumer solutions that leverage the best of digital marketing and manufacturing technologies,” said AMT President Doug Woods. “Local Motors has been incredibly successful in changing how people look at established products and using its community to rapidly bring new innovations to market.”

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