IMTS Sectors

IMTS Sectors

Whatever your interest, you'll find a sector for it. You can compare machines' capabilities, prices, service ... everything you need to know from elite builders around the world, right here at IMTS.


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image: Abrasive Pavilion icon

Abrasive Machining/Sawing/Finishing

For applications that require high tolerance and precision surface finish, this sector has the technology you need. These technologies are particularly important to the auto, aerospace and medical industries, all of which require a high degree of accuracy and precision. See the latest in all varieties of grinding technology, as well as sawing and cutoff machines and a variety of finishing technologies, such as lapping, balancing, honing and polishing machines.

  • cylindrical grinders
  • internal grinders
  • angular wheelside grinders
  • creep feed grinders
  • thrufeed grinders
  • centerless grinders
  • surface grinders
  • abrasive belt grinders
  • jig grinders
  • CNC tool & cutter grinders
  • universal grinders
  • cam grinders
  • bench, crankshaft & abrasive cutoff machines
  • band saws
  • circular saws
  • lapping machines
  • balancing machines
  • honing machines
  • polishing machines

North Building, Level 3

image: Additive Manufacturing Sector icon

Additive Manufacturing

Accelerated by Formnext

image: Additive Manufacturing sector accelerated by Formnext

Additive manufacturing enables layer by layer processes to fabricate three dimensional products. See the continued improvements in materials and processes that are producing more industrial additive solutions than ever.

  • vat photopolymerization
  • power fed fusion
  • binder jetting
  • material jetting
  • sheet lamination
  • material extrusion
  • directed energy deposition (DED)

West Building, Level 3

image: Automation Sector icon


Accelerated by SPS – Smart Production Solutions

image: Automation Sector powered by SPS

From ideation to shipping a product, the automation sector drives increased productivity, quality, reliability and reduced cost throughout the entire lifecycle of a product. Intelligent automation solutions accelerate all aspects of the product, from the software used in the design and manufacturing processes to the physical manufacturing of a finished good.

  • “Smart” components for automation
    • Vision systems
    • Fully integrated components
    • Motion control – related to automation
  • Robotics
    • Arms
    • Embedded sensor
    • Safety
  • Integrators
  • Integrated packages
    • Subtractive, additive, hybrid
    • Tooling, work holding
      • Dynamic (or otherwise not standalone tooling and work holding solutions)
    • Metrology
  • Software
    • Generative design
    • Digital twin
    • Simulation
    • AI and ML data companies
    • SCADA, factory operations, MES/ERP integration

North Building, Level 3

image: Fabricating & Lasers Sector icon

Fabricating & Lasers

Come see the latest technology in fabricating, laser and waterjet-based machining, along with displays of welding, metal treating and marking equipment. Exhibits will highlight in-process monitoring, multi-functional beam capabilities, as well as community collaboration on design, simulation, materials and quality to produce the most capable systems to support industrial manufacturing applications.

  • plasma
  • bending machines
  • coiling equipment
  • forming equipment
  • press brakes and shears
  • presses
  • heat treating equipment
  • metal forming & fabricating / laser icon welding equipment
  • waterjet cutting machines
  • laser systems and equipment
  • marking machines
  • pipe/tube benders
  • robotics
  • stamping equipment
  • punching equipment
  • iron workers
  • roll forming

East Building, Level 3

image: Gear Generation Sector icon

Gear Generation

If you're looking for gear manufacturing equipment-such as gear cutting, forming and finishing, as well as broaching, shaping and slotting machines, you must visit the Gear Generation sector. In addition to traditional applications such as auto, construction, mining and shipbuilding, gears are finding even greater importance in the emerging alternative energy and wind power sectors. You will find advancements in abrasive machining to improve dressable tooling applications and increased multi-functional, automated solutions to minimize workpiece movements to improve overall production time.

  • gear hobbers
  • gear shapers
  • gear cutters
  • gear shavers
  • broaching equipment
  • gear grinding equipment
  • gear measuring equipment

North Building, Level 3

image: Machine Components/ Cleaning / Environmental Sector icon

Machine Components / Cleaning / Environmental

These are the goods you need to run your plant, from the parts to service and monitor your machines to the components necessary for safe and environmentally responsible operations.

Many exhibitors here plan to focus on plug-and-play modularity, integrated automation, the application of real-time data management to reduce consumable waste, and cleaning methods that reduce user exposure and provide increased recycle and reclamation opportunities.

  • equipment and services for air purification, safety guards, mats & equipment
  • filtration equipment
  • water and oil purification
  • air filtration
  • oil separation
  • sump cleaners
  • noise control equipment
  • dust removers
  • electrical equipment
  • way covers/tracks
  • storage systems
  • parts cleaners
  • parts washers
  • materials handling/storage systems
  • ball screws
  • bearings
  • spindles
  • conveyors
  • AGVs
  • coatings
  • servo motors
  • pumps
  • degreasers
  • robotics
  • plant maintenance equipment
  • assembly/test equipment
  • motion control equipment
  • environmental management software

East Building, Level 3

image: Metal Removal Sector icon

Metal Removal

This sector is where you'll find the latest innovations in metal cutting equipment, machining centers, turning centers, drilling, boring, milling, EDM and more. Data will be back in the spotlight as many technology builders will have product offerings with interconnectivity standards, like MTConnect®, to provide the insight necessary to optimize today's dynamic production floors. Speeds and feeds continue to evolve along more multi-tasking platforms cutting ever-challenging materials.

  • machining centers
  • turning centers
  • automated manufacturing systems
  • milling machines and centers
  • boring machines
  • drilling machines
  • transfer machines
  • screw machines
  • skiving/trepanning/roller burnishing machines
  • gun drilling machines
  • planer/mills
  • boring mills
  • multiple spindle drills and automatics
  • drill/mill/bore heads and slides
  • thread rolling
  • jig boring/milling machines and knurling machines
  • VTLs
  • bar feeds
  • automation systems
  • assembly machines
  • end finishers
  • machining cells
  • chuckers
  • CNC lathes
  • Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS) CNC wire EDM
  • EDM filtration systems and supplies
  • ram type EDM
  • wire type EDM
  • metal disintegrators
  • die sinking machines

South Building, Level 3

image: Quality Assurance Sector icon

Quality Assurance

This is where you'll find the metrology equipment and systems to keep your processes on track and find absolute confidence and security in the quality of your output. It's also where you'll find the equipment that will check the accuracy of your machines, an important step to protecting your investments. Visitors can immerse themselves in the technical achievements that reduce the necessity for stand-alone work cells and have increased inspection abilities for both materials and features.

  • precision measuring machines
  • laser measurement machines
  • coordinate measuring machines
  • precision gaging
  • automated gaging
  • in-process gaging
  • tool condition monitoring equipment
  • measurement software
  • quality, control, testing and measuring equipment
  • comparators
  • metrology
  • vision systems
  • surface finish measuring equipment

East Building, Level 3

image: Controls & CAD-CAM Sector icon


The world of custom automation and the latest software is on display in this sector, everything you need to extract the maximum efficiency from your machine tool — optimizing your plant operations and cost efficiency.

At IMTS, controls, CAD/CAM and other digitally-enabled tools will help define Smart Manufacturing, the Industrial Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 and other advancements in the digital enterprise. Visitors will learn how to be part of the trend to further connect islands of digital data into a fully integrated solution from design to performance to recycle and reuse.

  • CIM/CAD/CAM systems
  • CNC controls
  • automation management systems
  • communications systems and LAN
  • software development systems services
  • computers and software
  • instruments-controls and systems integrations services

East Building, Level 3

image: Tooling & Workholding Sector icon

Tooling & Workholding

No industry functions without its tooling. Maximize the investment in your machinery and equipment with the latest technology that will allow for minimum setup and machining time. Good tooling can give new capability to older equipment. If productivity and cost efficiency is your focus, you must visit this sector. The latest in state-of-the-art workholding systems are also featured in this area.

  • boring bars
  • coolants
  • oils
  • cutting fluids
  • ceramics and composite cutting tools
  • tool coatings
  • drills
  • chucks
  • tools
  • milling cutters
  • form cutters
  • cutting tools
  • tooling systems
  • end mills
  • fixturing systems
  • gun drilling tools
  • cutting tool measurement/checking systems
  • hobs
  • tool inserts
  • jigs
  • key seating tools
  • ball nose end mills
  • lapping tools
  • magnetic chucks and plates
  • collets
  • NC tables
  • spindle adaptors
  • plates
  • quick change dies
  • reaming tools
  • screw thread inserts
  • tool storage equipment
  • deep hole/trepanning cutting tools
  • jigs and fixtures
  • tooling columns
  • universal fixturing
  • vises
  • workholding systems

West Building, Level 3