Welcome to the Student Summit

The Smartforce Student Summit puts the latest in manufacturing technology from the highest profile industry exhibit partners on display to provide educators and students with fun and engaging learning experiences centered around our industry's vision of the manufacturing technology classroom of the future.

As an increasing number of the nation's youth consider manufacturing careers, the Smartforce Student Summit is designed to inspire students to seek an education in STEM that leads to a career pathway in manufacturing.

This event is inclusive to students and educators at all levels, from all backgrounds. Student and teacher engagement is key at IMTS.

We look forward to IMTS 2024, September 9-14, 2024 in Chicago at McCormick place and until then, it is our hope that teachers and students will use the resources available here as a jumping off point to engage with experiences centered around manufacturing technology. Bookmark this page for updates or follow Smartforce on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

Follow Smartforce on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

Important Information

Management Contact:
Greg Jones, Vice President – Smartforce Development
7901 Jones Branch Drive, Suite 900, McLean, VA 22102-4206 USA
Phone: 703-827-5277 | Fax: 703-827-5250
Email: GJones@AMTonline.org

Catherine (Cat) Ross, Director of Education
Phone: 703-827-5291