Logo: SparkShop

SparkShop is a nonprofit that empowers 4th and 5th grade students to imagine their futures as engineers. The mission is to inspire and mobilize the next generation of engineers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and manufacturing geniuses. SparkShop curriculum creates awareness of the STEM fields for Chicago-area students, specifically in communities and classrooms where underrepresented students live and learn.

SparkShop works directly with schools to provide hands-on engineering curriculum, which can be delivered to students in a remote, hybrid, or in-school setting. To support safe, hands-on learning, SparkShop offers monthly kits for each student that contain all materials and tools needed to complete the month’s activities.

SparkShop programs include both engineering lessons and connected activities that tie engineering to subjects like math, reading, art, and P.E. By incorporating humanities alongside technical subjects, SparkShop supports students with all learning styles. The curriculum uses storytelling to help students connect to technical subjects and identify with role models from diverse backgrounds and cultures. It also facilitates development communication, teamwork, and creativity skills along with the technical problem solving skills.

AMT Smartforce Development is pleased to partner with SparkShop because of our shared values in accelerating STEM programs among elementary school age students from underrepresented communities.

Educators who are interested in implementing SparkShop’s curriculum should reach out to the team at to explore opportunities for the upcoming school year.

Students or parents who are interested in SparkShop are encouraged to please share this information with your school! You can also follow SparkShop’s work on Instagram or subscribe to SparkShop’s monthly email newsletter.