Welcome to IMTS spark, your premier digital destination for the latest on manufacturing technology products, software, and expertise. Scroll through IMTS exhibitor showrooms to see the latest industry advancements and compare offerings. Watch on-demand product demos, technical and business sessions, and interviews with industry experts. Access our Knowledge Centers on transformative technologies and discover horizons you never knew existed.

Whether you are making parts for cars and trucks or engineering custom, one-of-kind items for NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover, IMTS spark is here for you to sharpen your competitive edge.

Access is complimentary! Spark is here to support the forward-thinkers, entrepreneurs, and go-getters who keep the world running. Advanced manufacturing is vital to the economy and digital manufacturing is transforming our industry more than ever. We invite you to surf IMTS spark. You’re sure to find something to make your manufacturing business more successful!

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Haas Automation, Inc.
Murata Machinery USA, Inc.
Vektek LLC
Haimer USA
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IMTS exhibitors are ready to show you exciting new products that can lower your costs and transform your business. On-Demand Demos and immersive presentations allow you to dive into the processes and products you have been searching for.

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Exclusive Conferences from IMTS spark

Exclusive Conferences

Choose from a selection of conferences with a myriad of sessions. The IMTS Conference offers deep dives on the newest technologies including how to scale and implement a digital transformation, effective physical cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, automation, and cobots. Shop Talk gives guidance on building your business’ competitive advantage. Select conferences also include Additive In-Depth, IMTS Investor Forum, Parts Cleaning Series, Sustainable Manufacturing, and MTForecast.

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IMTS spark features the best of what you want most. Organized into six Showcases, each highlighting distinct manufacturing channels that carry its own line-up of high-energy programs. You’ll find a mix of interviews, exhibitor demos, hosted shows, Q&A interactions and other onDemand content, all with a common theme.

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spark Showcases
Knowledge Centers from Gardner Business Media

Knowledge Centers

Knowledge Centers cover the manufacturing concepts you need to understand for your business today. In a single, deep-dive format that’s easy to follow, easy to share, and fun to explore.

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Quickly find spark content geared toward specific industries, technologies, and solutions. Featuring demos, sessions, exhibitors and more!

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