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ASME Digital Twin Summit

Digital twins empower manufacturers with a critical data-driven edge—is your organization ready? Advanced analytics combined with artificial intelligence is reshaping how organizations operate while providing unprecedented insights into products, services, and operations.

ASME's Digital Twin Summit provides a cross-industry platform to learn, collaborate, define objectives, and discuss applications that showcase the untapped potential of the data contained within your organization today.

Like what you see on IMTS Spark? Join us for a feature packed 2-day virtual Digital Twin Summit this November 11-12. Use code IMTS25 to save 25% on registration.

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10:00am CDT: Transformative Technologies Focus - Digital Twin First Manufacturing

The convergence of sensors, data, simulation, and advanced analytics is allowing manufactures to virtually perfect products, processes, and systems before physical execution. Dr. Michael Grieves and John Vickers, co-founders of the Digital Twin concept, will discuss why a digital-twin first approach is critical to manufacturing success.

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10:00am CDT: Transformative Technologies Focus - Building a Path for Digital Manufacturing

Transition to the intelligent factory takes more than technology. Successful adoption requires co-evolution of the many systems in manufacturing environments and the behaviors, goals, motivators, and people needs. Dr. Irene Petrick will share her key findings from her extensive research of the manufacturing sector.

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WEDNESDAY, November 4th

10:00am CDT: Transformative Technologies Focus - Deploying Effective AR/VR Applications Across The Manufacturing Enterprise

AR and VR technologies are empowering front-line employees to operate faster, safer, and with precise intuitive information. Travis Harris, CTO/Founder of Tech3 Innovation, will share proven applications, technology capabilities, and implementation strategies that help you realize the benefits of adoption.

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