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Be the first to grasp the need-to-know technologies and latest topics shaping advanced manufacturing. See these transformative developments in action as featured in the AMT Emerging Technology Center and Start Up Showcase. Get ready to have your socks blown off when you see the machine connectivity and production efficiencies just on the horizon!

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Big Ideas in Additive Manufacturing

The editors of Additive Manufacturing magazine talk through important themes AM is touching that promise to change manufacturing in a big way.   View Show Episodes »

ETC Talks

When the MDF at ORNL sets a bold goal — such as 3D printing the Strati electric car live at IMTS 2014 — they call it a moonshot. IMTS Spark will witness a moonshot that can change the trajectory of the U.S. machine tool industry. The “launching pad” of this effort is a 3D printed machine tool base with increased damping when compared to traditional castings.   View Show Episodes »

Start Up Showcase

All great companies had humble beginnings. Hear from some of the most compelling young companies looking to disrupt the manufacturing sector. Transform the way you see the industry's biggest challenges by learning about exciting new solutions. View Show Episodes »

The Cool Parts Show

The award-winning YouTube series, The Cool Parts Shows, offers special episodes that can only be seen within IMTS Spark.

The Cool Parts Show is a video series from Additive Manufacturing magazine. Hosted by editor-in-chief Peter Zelinski and senior editor Stephanie Hendrixson, each episode focuses on a cool 3D printed part to explore how it was made and what it reveals about the possibilities of additive manufacturing.   View Show Episodes »

TLC: Tom and Lonnie Chat

Chat with the engineers who work hard to help you work smarter! World-renown researchers Thomas Kurfess, Ph.D. and Lonnie J. Love, Ph.D. join us from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). Charged with ensuring our country’s manufacturing sector thrives, Kurfess and Love are blazing new trails by asking “what if” questions and whittling away the kinks in the last step of manufacturing technology products before market. This conversation is your chance to hear about the transformative technologies emerging within the industry; pose questions about how their research can help your business; and gain insight into their technology assessment strategies. These guys aren’t just INTELLIGENT…they’re practical, approachable, and witty. View Show Episodes »

Transformative Technologies Focus

Evolutionary and revolutionary change. Change is occurring all around manufacturing. Transformative Technologies will drive manufacturing to smarter, faster, safer, and more resilient tomorrow. The “Transformative Technologies Focus” will review and discuss these technologies and how they relate to the manufacturing industry.   View Show Episodes »

Browse Innovation Shakedown Sessions

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