Where Will a Career in Manufacturing Take You?

Careers in manufacturing can take you anywhere your imagination wants to go. It’s a front-row seat to using some of the world’s most advanced technology. It’s the kind of career where you’ll use problem-solving skills, creativity, and critical thinking.

Careers in manufacturing are not just high technology. They are leading-edge technology.

What career fields are available in manufacturing?

If you’re an artist, you might consider a career in computer aided design or as an industrial designer. If you like math, you might become an engineer, a computer science technician or a software programmer. If you like to work with your hands, or you like to tinker with mechanical things like cars, consider becoming a machinist, a field service technician or a welder.

Select a job function below from the list of careers and see the education or industry certification you’ll need, the potential for career growth through 2024, and the median income you can expect to earn.

Also, be sure to visit with the technical schools, community colleges and engineering schools who will be exhibiting at the summit about the certificate and degree programs that they offer to put you on a manufacturing career pathway.

The future is yours for the taking! There is plenty of excitement waiting on the road ahead.

* Source: The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS): Occupational Outlook Handbook; Employment Opportunity Outlook through 2024
** Source: BLS - Occupational Outlook Handbook Except where information on compensation is available from BLS