Student Summit Challenges Await You...

We have a great lineup of nine exciting challenges for you to explore:

Design It!
Using Autodesk Fusion 360 software (3D CAD/CAM/CAE), students will design and create models of Googie (space-age) style rockets, pushing the envelope and taking your designs to the next level. Visit to download the software.

Make It!
Explore what drives the physics of rocket flight (launch pressure, launch angle, nose weight and tail fin configuration) by making a 3D printed rocket through one of three options:

All students are invited to test their rockets in our one-of-a-kind special air power flight-test silo. You’ll earn points by mastering performance (trajectory and stability) and style.

Tool It!
Sandvik Coromant offers educational and interactive games for students to take part in the basics of manufacturing. You will see how manufacturing affects virtually everything you touch — from aircraft and automobiles to smart phones, computers and more.

Machine It!
Find out how a 3D printed nose cone is machined on a state-of-the-art Haas ST-10 CNC lathe. Discover how to machine Googie-style rockets, produced in the Design It! Challenge. Googie-style nose cones and rocket bodies will be produced on the Haas ST-10 and the tail fins will be machined on a Haas VF-2.

Measure It!
Now that you’ve designed those rocket parts, do they pass or fail inspection? Learn to operate a ZEISS DuraMax coordinate measuring machine and run the CNC measurement program to find out if your design makes the grade!

Automate It!
Automation is a growing part of advanced manufacturing, and you’ll get to see how it works on a high-tech shop floor by learning how to operate machine components and parts with a robotic arm and grippers. Our partners Festo Didactic and Haas will show you the way in this exciting challenge!

Weld It!
Test welding ability, knowledge, and speed using the Lincoln Electric® RealWeld® Trainer in a virtual welding experience with a voice coaching application to guide you through the weld process. Judged on accuracy and speed, participants will strive for the highest score in two 10-minute attempts.

Weld It with Robots!
Navigate a robot through a realistic welding obstacle course by setting up welding angles for the robot to perform a simulated weld. Contestants must return the robot to the home position when complete. Judged on accuracy and speed, your challenge is to get the highest score from two 20-minute attempts.

Build It!
Experienced mechatronics student teams will go against teams of industry professionals in a WARDJet waterjet cutting machine build-off competition for a chance to win a waterjet for their school’s machining lab. Teams will work with waterjet experts as part of an hour-long session of planning, wiring, wrenching, and assembling a complete, high-end waterjet system. As the waterjet machines are completed over the course of IMTS, WARDJet’s experts will then judge and score the machines based on assembly precision, mechanical and electrical skills, overall build quality, and machine motion.

Build It! student teams can register at

The Smartforce Student Summit welcomes students of all ages, from elementary school through college. Registration is free for students and their teachers, administrators and parents. Register today The Student Summit aims to provide a fun and interactive environment to inspire students to pursue a dynamic career in advanced manufacturing.