ReBuilding the Supply Chain Starts NOW.

Whether you are an advanced manufacturer, job shop owner, or OEM, you are in the midst of your own supply chain challenges, uncertainties, and questions. In an extraordinary effort to support you, AMT and IMTS are dedicating significant staff and financial resources to help you rethink, reengage, and reestablish supply chains.

ReBuilding the Supply Chain – Part 1:
How Did We Get Here?

To find the way forward, learn from the past.

For 40 years, American industries, institutions, and organizations collectively kicked the can down the road. COVID-19 forced an intervention when fragile, over-extended supply chains broke. Our inability to domestically supply critical items, from N95 masks to circuit boards for ventilators, has forced our collective conscious to admit the truth. America has acknowledged it needs to re-think its manufacturing strategies—and indeed rethink its national priorities.

Some of the solutions to our current challenges can be found by examining how we arrived at this moment. This touches on the history of our industry. At all times, please remember the ultimate goal: fix the problem, not the blame.

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