Map the Experience

May 16, 2017

We all know it's getting harder and harder to definitively separate ourselves from the competition. We come up with a new product idea or improvement and it's quickly copied. We say we have the best customer service, but so do all our competitors. And we DON'T want to rely on price competition! That's a killer, to be sure. So what do we do? IMTS resident Marketing Gunslinger has a method that can help. It's called Map The Experience. It's not a new tool, but one that is not used a lot because it can seem complicated. Not with Steve. He's going to fully explain this powerful tool, peel back the layers of complexity, and show you have to step-by-step create your own map. And then he'll show you how to use it to find those specific areas you can use to help create that UNCOPYABLE advantage you're looking for.