The Die in a Day Scavenger Hunt at IMTS 2018

Category: The Show Week Wow! Technology September 15, 2018

Led by the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), the Die-in-a-Day Scavenger Hunt takes visitors through the process of creating an additively manufactured-die as it’s designed, printed, machined, scanned and used to fabricate parts on the show floor, known as “Die in a Day.” Every day a new die is printed on the Lincoln Electric Wolf system, followed by machining and cladding the following day on the new Mazak hybrid system. The third day the dies are used on a compression forming system by IACMI. Throughout the week, the parts fabricated from the dies are scanned by Quality Vision International to ensure the tolerances and resolution are met. The activities are staggered such that every day attendees can see a new die being printed, machined and utilized. Six tools will be manufactured and utilized over a six-day period. Dies include a motorcycle cover, a valve cover, a plate, a business card holder and a bike stem.

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