Cybersecurity in Manufacturing

Category: Beyond IMTS May 16, 2019

Due to popular demand, take a deeper dive with cybersecurity in manufacturing! From national security to intellectual property, cybercriminals are noticing manufacturing companies as prime targets. While increasing capability and convenience, adding a digital component to the shop floor can easily result in a data breach.

Focus on recent developments in cybersecurity specific to manufacturing technology with Tim Shinbara, VP and CTO at AMT. He will highlight areas that have impact today and tomorrow such as:

  • Cyber & Manufacturing
    • How do you manage cybersecurity in our manufacturing world?
  • Cybersecurity resources
    • What guidance and best-practices exist (and where?)
  • Expanding our vocabulary
    • Threats, vulnerabilities, defenses, incident reporting…what does this mean to me?
  • Security & Competitiveness
    • Securing your factory while staying globally competitive…So, what’s the U.S. doing about this?

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