Five Uncopyable Actions Before We Come Out the Other Side

Category: Beyond IMTS May 19, 2020

To get through the current crisis and succeed on the other side, we need to be proactive RIGHT NOW.

But this situation is, frankly, unprecedented. We all know that. So what can and should we be doing to put our companies in the best position when things do turn around?

Steve is passionate about helping you succeed, so he will share five action strategies you can work on right now. Included will be:

  • How you should NOW be selling and marketing.
  • The #1 mistake most marketers make and why it could backfire when things turn around.
  • The "new" skill you must be very, very good at.
  • How to develop relationships beyond loyalty to unbreakable "attachment."
  • How Nordstrom became famous for customer service and how you can steal their secret.


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